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Best Nighttime Eyewear For Activites

Nighttime activities require nighttime eyewear, as competing in the dark requires extra caution. Movements are limited in a many ways  and your vision is limited in the dark. This is an important reason why durable nighttime eyewear is a necessity. Importance of Eye Protection When it comes to activities, eye protection is always a major concern. According to…


American Optical A Historical Aviator

Sunglasses can be historical and modern at the same time. A brand that fits those two categories is American Optical or AO. Their eyewear has been an American staple since the 1870s. After all, this brand has a deep connection to American history. American Optical is a pillar of the American eyewear industry. The company started as…

OGI Eyewear

OGI Eyewear – Creative Eyeglasses

The right eyewear can polish and complete any look. When you wear eyeglasses, it’s even more important. Eyewear is usually one of the first things that people notice and remember when meeting a new person. Eyeglasses create a large impact on your overall look. This is why it’s essential that you choose the perfect pair for you. OGI Eyewear…

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Why are my eyes burning?

Burning eyes, it’s not just painful, it can also be a signal to your body that something is wrong.  Usually, this condition indicates underlying problems like pink eye, dry eye, allergies … These are some of the leading causes of burning eyes: 1. Dry eye This is an eye condition caused by changes in the…

Why are my eyes red?

Why Are My Eyes Red?

Do you have red, bloodshot eyes? If you do, then you are most likely suffering from a common eye condition known as red eye. This affects countless people across the world each year. It’s pretty common to have red, puffy eyes occasionally. However, it’s incredibly important to find the cause of your red eyes because…

Why are my eyes dry?

Why Are My Eyes Dry?

Do you have dry/crusty eyes? If you do, then chances are high that you might be a victim of dry eye syndrome. This is also popularly known as dry eyes. Dry eyes largely occur when your eyes fail to produce enough tears to keep the surface of your eyes lubricated and nourished. It also occurs…


Partial Restoration of Vision In Blind Mice Achieved By Scientists

Scientists from Stanford University announced that they are able to stimulate the optic nerves in the brain of blind laboratory mice allowing the return of partial vision. The new study focuses on flashing images and biochemically stimulating the optic nerves. This approach motivates the grown of nerve cells in the eyes and delivers visual data…

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Myopia (Nearsightedness) in Children & Teens: What Parents Need To Know

Myopia or nearsightedness is one of the most common visual eye problems. In the recent years, it has become more prevalent than ever. People with myopia are able to see close objects clearly but have difficulty seeing objects that are farther away. Common experiences of myopia are having difficulty clearly seeing TV screens or the whiteboard…

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Basics About Blue Light

“Blue light” is a common phrase, but do you know what it actually is? This article will provide you with basic knowledge about blue light and about the possible consequences of prolonged exposure to it. It’s important knowledge – especially as it helps keep your vision healthy. Visible light is a form of electromagnetic (EM) radiation….

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Healthy Eyes: Top Tips

When it comes to having healthy eyes, you need to have a healthy lifestyle. Your eyes are always exposed to the elements, which is why they need proper care at all times. Exercise, good diet, regular visits to an eye doctor, and using sturdy protective eyewear are all good ways to protect your eyes.   Eat Well To Have…