kaenon fishing eyewear

Kaenon’s Greatest Fishing Weapon

Someone may tell you that a specific lens is perfect for this sport or excellent for that activity, but it’s really also about personal preference, along with varied environments. Those are the three most important factors in selecting a new lens. For fishing, or mainly being in bright light conditions on the water, Kaenon suggests going…

david gonzalez electric visual

Electric: Introducing David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez is not just a regular skateboarder that happened to make it in the big league. He was first noticed at the age of 13 while skating his home streets of Medellin, Columbia. Now at 23-years-old, he has tackled more things than many adults do in their entire life. He went to his first…

tyler warren von zipper

Spotlight on Tyler Warren: Von Zipper

An inspired illustrator and painter, Tyler Warren is just as amazing of a surfer. His main focus is art, as he is a third generation artist in his family. His uncle is a flourishing oil painter from Pasadena, California, while his great uncle Roberto Montenegro was a famous Mexican muralist in the 1920’s. Tyler creates his…

nike transition lenses

Nike Max Transition Lenses

Back in 2012, Nike Vision teamed up with Transitions Optical to create sunglasses that were specifically designed to improve performance in sports such as trail running, golf and hiking. The new transition sunglasses were integral in climbing the ladder of technology in the eyewear industry, and to this day, are a major successor. The lenses…

protect guyana

Costa Del Mar: Project Guyana

One of Costa’s newest missions is to protect bodies of water around the globe by promoting sport fishing, which is environmentally friendly and native to local cultures. The crew found a place to sport fish while preserving the country’s natural resources in Guyana’s unspoiled rain forest, and have completed a documentary filmed in the area….

isabel derung adidas

Adidas Team Rider: Isabel Derungs

Adidas snowboard team rider, Isabel Derungs, is one reason why more and more girls have been picking up the sport of snowboarding at such young ages. Growing up close to Zürich with grandparents living in the mountains, gave Isabel the opportunity to ride more than many. She has been part of the world snowboard tour…

bolle lens technology

Bollé’s Online Lens Simulator

Have you ever wondered what different sunglass lenses would look like while you gaze through them, but are shopping online so feel like that is impossible? Bollé is here to say that it is most definitely possible with their new Lens Simulator. The five different technologies they offer are as follows:   Polarization: The best way…

Why Digitally Surfaced Lenses are the Best Technology

When it comes to direct digital surfacing techniques for lenses, we use the Shamir Autograph II’s as they are the only lenses that meet our high standards for wrapped frames. Read about the details of Digital Surfacing at our online store and feel free to connect with us about any questions you may have!

jennifer aniston glasses

The Essential Guide to Buying Glasses Online: Part 2

Yesterday we talked about how to find your face shape by measuring different areas around your face. Today we will go over specific details on your face shape and which eyewear frames will best suit the shape of your face.  ANATOMY OF AN EYEWEAR FRAME Eye Size(horizontal measurement of the lens from inner edge to…