melissa marquardt wake session

Spy Optic’s Melissa Marquardt

Pro wakeboarder Melissa Marquardt is one of those female riders who puts many guys to shame with her detailed, technical tricks on the water. Her form can be thanked by her background in snowboarding and skateboarding, which has really impacted her unique, spirited wake style. Melissa is aggressive, agile and chic all at the same time,…

jason sissle biking

Jason Sissel: Biking 3,300 Miles for Children’s Cancer

Jason Sissel with Kaenon began biking last summer almost 3,300 miles across the USA, completing 100 miles per day, all to inspire and help others around the world. He decided to put this challenge on himself to raise funds for Endure to Cure Pediatric Cancer Foundation – a national 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation he started, which benefits…

chris cole electric visual

Spotlight on: Electric Visual’s Chris Cole

Chris Cole is originally from Levittown, Pennsylvania and has ranked high among other elite skateboarders in the industry. He started entering contests in his early teens and dominated them, throwing him into a sponsorship spot at the corporate level by the age of sixteen. Chris is not only an internationally known rider, but thrives as…

jason schlarb mountains

Julbo and the Mountain Running Scene

Julbo trail runner athlete, Jason Schlarb, just conquered yet another trail running competition, this time successfully winning a 50k race in Switzerland. “I’ve got 3 more big weeks of running in the French alps before UTMB.   I will do some running with Timmy Olson and Mike Foote (North Face guys) who are here all August.  …

john jackson mt. ritter

John Jackson & His Search for Snow in July

Episode #2 of Air Time features professional snowboarder and Von Zipper team rider, John Jackson with his friend “Noobs” on a hunt to find snow in the Mammoth Lakes backcountry area. The Sierra mountains had a brutal winter with the lack of snow, so the boys decided to set out to climb Mt. Ritter in a crazy time…during mid July. The…

ray ban never hide films

Ray-Ban’s Never Hide Films: Episode 6

For the sixth episode in Ray-Ban’s Never Hide Film series, they decided to follow around photographer Travis Shinn as he shot a photo shoot for guitar legend Slash’s new album at the time. If Slash rocks out to Ray-Ban sunglasses, you know you need to have a pair on hand. Slash is known for his…

lakey peterson smith optics

Lakey Peterson: Zero to 100 Film

Zero to 100 is an inspiring story of professional surfer Lakey Peterson that is documented by filmmaker Aaron Lieber. Lakey is followed around the globe during her rookie year on the ASP World Tour and shows her pushing boundaries and making her dreams come to life. After being the first female to complete an aerial…

spy optics happy lenses

The Happiest Lenses on the Planet

Have you ever wished for a piece of eyewear that will actually uplift your mood? Spy Optics introduces their Happy Lens for just that amazing purpose. You will not only see better, you will feel better and perform better while wearing them. This one minute video from Spy explains in the simplest form, the scientific…

the huber brothers adidas

The Huber Brothers: Two is Better Than One

Alexander and Thomas Huber are two very unique brothers that hail from Germany with the same passion in life: climbing mountains. Alexander was born in 1968 and climbed his first 4,000 ft. elevated mountain at only eleven years old. He is the more patient of the two brothers and is the planner, rationalist and graduated…

spy optics surf team

Spy Optic: A Brand that Rides

Spy Optic’s is the epitome of an action sports brand that has high standards when it comes to products AND team riders. Also, they are some of the nicest people around. See our full line of Spy sunglasses right here!