Jason Schlarb in the Alps

Julbo Athlete and American Mountain Runner, Jason Schlarb, spent his summer in the Alps along with his family to train for the UTMB®. He finished 4th in the race at 21:39:44 and is the epitome of determination and hard work. Here is his race report in video-edit form for you to enjoy!

nike south korea seoul football

Nike’s “Just Do It” Campaign in South Korea

Nike just revealed their new “Just Do It” campaign to help encourage a youth sports movement in South Korea with an inspiring film. The Nike Festival of Sports on October 25-26th and the We Run Seoul event on October 26th are also helping with momentum of the campaign. Studies have shown that kids who are…

Spy Optics California Girls video

California Girls – A Comedy

Part of the Spy Optics family, Jackie Wolfe and Chrissy Crane star in this very Californian comedy. There is not much to say about it besides that you just need to watch it for yourself and laugh…a lot.

melissa arnot everest 5 times

Smith Great Days 12: Walking in the Sky

Smith has released their Great Days number 12 edit focusing on the mountaineer Melissa Arnot, the first American female to summit Everest (29,029′ elevation) 5 times. Melissa has also summited Mount Rainier (14,410′ elevation) 92 times, Aconcagua in Argentina (22,841′ elevation) 3 times and mountains in Ecuador numerous times. This short video of Melissa’s most recent journey…

mark sollors electric

Spotlight on Electric Snow Team: Mark Sollors

In the current snowboarding industry today, for a rider to make it in the big game one normally needs to have a specialized way of riding, i.e.: specific tricks that not everyone can do, the ability to dominate one aspect of snowboarding, etc. However, some of the riders like Mark Sollors literally stomp everything that…

back to school supplies

Back To School Time = Discounts!

Not only do we have some great deals for you students throughout the month of September who are heading back to school, but it also happens to be Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month and Sports Eye Injury Prevention Awareness Month. Eye health in sports and recreation is a huge factor that often gets overlooked. eyeSmart, an…

joel parkinson surfing cover

Surfer Joel Parkinson

Von Zipper has many epic and devoted team riders on their hands, but Joel Parkinson is hands down one of the most amazing surfers that rides on our blue planet. Parkinson (Parko) has accomplished an extreme amount of goodness during his 27 years so far in this world. He’s an important piece of the young…

Labor Day 1905

Labor Day Is Upon Us!

For many people in the U.S., we think of Labor Day as not only representing the labor and workforce movement in the country throughout the decades, but also as being the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. Kids go back to school, the weather normally does an abrupt change (for those in the northern…

richy schley

Adidas Team Rider Richie Schley

Richie Schley is known for being one of the most significant athletes who has helped inspire the freeride mountain biking movement. He can tear up an off road race track like no other rider can, and doing so is one of the most photographed off-road mountain bikers in the world. Schley enjoys the high recognition he…

ray ban surf up collection

Ray-Ban’s Surf Up Collection

In 2010, Ray-Ban presented the world with their RARE PRINT series to give even more unique options to their customers. All of the sunglasses in the collection are far from ordinary, combining colorful new patterns with the original Wayfarer design. When each collection is released, they are only available for a limited time, so make…