View comparing polarized and non-polarized lens

Polarized Lens: It Is Useful?

Using sunglasses is not just to make you look good, sunglasses actually have wonderful health benefits, especially for your eyes. According to experts, the best kinds of sunglasses are those with polarized lens. Effectively Reduces Glare Polarized lenses effectively block out light rays which would normally enter your eyes. The rays of the sun reflect…

Top 10 Eyewear Trends In 2016

Eyewear can easily change your overall look. Using accessories can make or break your planned outfit, however, when you choose one that actually works you can completely improve your style. The best thing about eyewear is that it not only provides you with a complete look, it also helps protects your eyes, or correct visual problems….

Spy Optics: Home of the Happy Lens

The light from the sun, smartphones and computer screens, are made up of different types of light rays. This mixture can help you see better or damage your eyes. The sun, for example, emits a combination of good and bad rays. The good rays boosts mood and alertness, making a person feel better throughout the day. The…

alex gray tahiti

Spotlight On: Alex Gray

DATE OF BIRTH: 6.6.1986 HOMETOWN: Palos Verdes, California The fearless surfer that was born into this world in 1986, Alex Gray, charges like no other man that surfs this plant. Hailing from the quiet town of Palos Verdes, California, Alexander Wisdom Gray stepped into the tubes of the ocean within only a few years of being born….

Spy Optics California Girls video

California Girls – A Comedy

Part of the Spy Optics family, Jackie Wolfe and Chrissy Crane star in this very Californian comedy. There is not much to say about it besides that you just need to watch it for yourself and laugh…a lot.

Spy Lindsay Perry

Spy’s Lindsay Perry: Surfer, Musician & Artist

Lindsay Perry combined her love of music, art and surfing to create a life that revolves around the vision that she has always seen for herself. Growing up in Satellite Beach, Florida, Lindsay has always received attention for her vibrant outlook on life, and the passion that she pours into all of her endeavors. Her main…

Spy whitewall Collection

Rock ‘n’ Roll with the Spy Whitewall Collection

Inspired by the generation from decades ago that promoted the sounds of classic rock ‘n’ roll and teenage rebellion, SPY’s Whitewall Collection mirrors just that. New styles of rhythm and blues blasted through speakers and jukeboxes, creating a new twist on a soon to be prominent era and the early descendants of punk rock culture. Two…

Dale Earnhardts SPY Optics collection–celebrate 88!

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. Signature 88 eyewear collection complements the lifestyle of this modern-day American hero. The all new General, and Dirty Mo, McCoy, and Quanta frames feature Dale Jr.’s pad print 88 signature logo on the inside temple; and for the ladies, we’ve unleashed the Farrah model. SPY waved the green flag all crazy-like…

Spy Cyrus is now available

The Spy Cyrus has been a long time coming. Numerous phone calls inquiring to when they will be released, well the wait is over! This latest Spy 6 base frame is perfect for those who love flat front frames or who have a higher prescription. If you are not looking for prescription, the Cyrus is…

Surfs up.. The Fold from Spy Optic can fit anywhere

Foldable frame fits neatly in custom case or any small pocket Custom-built from virtually indestructible Grilamid™ and sturdy 5-barrel and pin hinges 6-base curve polycarbonate lenses block 100% of UVA, B, and C rays Custom pouch doubles as wallet Welcome to Spy Optics latest creation the Fold. Compact enough to fit into a pocket, and…