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Best Driving Eyewear Tips

Extreme brightness and reflections can be dangerous when driving. These things can cause impaired visibility during your drive. This is why it is important to use a driving eyewear to help protect and support your vision. Sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes against bright glare while driving. Visibility is improved and will help keep you and everyone on the road safe.

According to the world health organization, visibility plays a huge factor in the risk of road accidents around the world. Most of the time, weather conditions play a huge role, however, harsh natural or man-made lighting can also be a factor in many accidents. Reduced visibility is a factor in many accidents.

Glare is extremely common during dusk when the angle of the sun can be harsh and many temporarily blind drivers. Glare can even be present at night when manmade lighting (such in a construction zone) can also cause blinding light.

Driving with open windows exposes your eyes to dust, debris, and dry wind. Avoid these distractions. This blog will help you with choosing the right kind of driving eyewear.

driving eyewear 1Driving Eyewear Tip 1: Choosing A Good Frame


These days there are plenty of frames to choose from to make your driving easier and safer. When choosing a driving eyewear frame, it is crucial to make sure that the frame you choose does not compromise your peripheral vision. Hazards and signs can easily be missed when you don’t have an open view. As a result, covered sides can increase the risk of accidents.

Aviator Frames

Aviator frames is a popular choice for many drivers because it comes with a flat profile and thin arms. The thin metal frames and temples offers a wide visual acuity and does not cover your peripheral view.

Recommended Models

Ray-Ban Aviator Carbon Fibre – Carbon Fibre is one of the newest innovations from Ray-Ban Aviators. Ray-Ban is the original designer of the Aviator, so you can trust that this is made with quality research and technique. The brand is a global leader in the eyewear industry with hundreds of designs in its collections. Ray-Ban Aviator Carbon Fibre is extremely lightweight with scratch resistant lenses and thin durable metal temples. It comes in three tints for the lenses including polarized green, brown gradient, and gradient dark gray.

Randolph Engineering Aviator – Randolph Engineering made its brand a household name when it created a series of military grade shooting eyewear. It is one of the most trusted brands in the eyewear industry when it comes to durability and style. Randolph Engineering’s Aviator is a perfect choice for leisurely afternoon driving. It is the top choice for many drivers because of its lightweight design.

Serengeti Medium Aviator – Serengeti is a famous brand in the eyewear industry. All Serengeti eyewear comes with the latest photochromic lenses, which is an advantage if you will be using this eyewear while driving. Photochromic lenses automatically adjust depending on the kind of light that it is exposed to. This makes it perfect to use especially for all day driving and if you are not sure of the weather conditions.

Kaenon SPINDLE S1 – Kaenon is one of the rising stars when it comes to sports eyewear. This brand is slowly getting recognition because of the advanced technology that it uses for their eyewear. Kaenon Spindle S1 offers a smooth and rounded corners. It also comes with a polarized lens which is extremely effective in reducing the amount of glare that comes into the eyes. This model is featherweight making it an extremely good choice for driving.

driving eyewear 2Wrap Around Frame

Other drivers also prefer a wrap-around frame because it provides complete coverage and protection from glare. When driving with the sun to your left or right side your peripheral vision is still completely covered.

Recommended Models

Serengeti Pisa-Shiny Tortiose-Polarized Drivers – This eyewear offers the ultimate protection and support against various lighting conditions which causes eyestrain and fatigue. This comes with an wrap-around eyewear design, so the sides of the face is completely covered.

TAG Heuer 5019 Black Ceramic with Black Temples Night Vision Yellow – TAG Heuer is a brand known for its quality products. TAG Heuer eyewear is one of the sought after brands when it comes to durability and quality. The TAG Heuer 5019 offers a wrap-around style frame with thin arms giving your eyes full view of what is around you. It is also lightweight and functional.

Lens Color

The color of the lenses directly affects the way you perceive things in front of you while driving. In addition, they help you see better depending on the kind of light you have (weather conditions also matter). How well a person sees certain colors and the degree of visual contrast can easily change depending on the color of the lenses. Choosing the wrong color lenses can negatively or positively affect how well you will be able to see road signs, traffic lights, oncoming car lights, and spot potential hazards along the way.

Scientific research shows that blue, pink, and green lenses should not be used while driving since they can easily make red lights indistinguishable. However, there are specific sunglasses with this lens hue which are labelled as safe for driving, so this is an exception. The intensity of the hues will also make a difference while driving.

The best lenses for driving eyewear are those with gray and brown hues. These are neutral colors, so they do not alter the colors that your eyes naturally see. Many sunglasses are designed specifically for drivers that feature yellow and amber colored lenses, which is helpful in creating contrast and definition.

Recommended Models

Rudy Project Skymajor – Rudy Project is another well-known eyewear brand and is preferred by thousands of athletes and driving enthusiasts around the world. Skymajor is a blend of the newest technology from Rudy Project it comes with the all new Gravity temple that is mounted on a neo-classic Aviator design. Skymajor comes in different color combinations including a gold frame and brown-bronze gradient lenses.

Serengeti Duccio– Dark Tortoise-Polar PhD 555nm – The Serengeti Duccio boasts of fashion and form that makes the eyewear look cool and classic at the same time. Using Serengeti’s cutting edge technology, this eyewear will provide the ultimate protection and coverage at the same time.

Polarization Adds Protection

driving eyewear 3

Adding a polarized coating is another good choice for your driving eyewear. Polarized lenses is extremely effective in blocking out light rays which may normally enter your eyes. The rays of the sun usually reflect in every direction once it hits a flat surface. The reflected light that will shine back to your eyes and is magnified with glare. Reflections whether from the flat road, metal surface, or water ahead can easily pose additional risk for drivers while driving their car. This reflected light is sent to one direction and causes glare.

With the help of polarization horizontal lights will no longer be able to penetrate the lenses meaning glare is reduced significantly. This will allow you to see oncoming traffic clearly, improves contrasts, and your perception of colors.

Recommended Models

Ray-Ban RB3342 Gunmetal  – The Warrior is a Ray-Ban eyewear that is inspired by the ever famous Aviators. It comes with a softer round lenses, cool and thin metal frames, and a double bridge. The lenses are made with polarized crystal green which is effective in reducing glare.

Carrera Huron – The Carrera Huron sunglasses are extremely lightweight and durable at the same time. It comes with a wide bridge to ensure comfortable fit. The lenses are coated with polarized tint which helps protect the eyes from glare.

driving eyewear 7Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses are eyewear that are clear indoors and automatically darken when outside or when exposed to sunlight. Other terms used for this type of lenses are variable lenses and light adaptive lenses. Photochromic lenses are made composed of molecules which darken or get activated by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Since UV rays penetrate clouds, photochromic lenses still darken even with an overcast sky. Inside a vehicle, photochromic lenses do not darken because most windshield are treated with glass that blocks UV rays. Recent development in the photochromic technology allows lenses to darken with UV rays or visible light.

Photochromic sunglasses are especially helpful as driving eyewear. Designers made these to help eyes adapt to changing light conditions when worn inside a vehicle. They have proven to help enhance contrast and improve visual performance.

Recommended Models

7eye Marin – The 7eye Marin comes with a lightweight frame that fits perfectly for driving duties. It also comes with numerous lens choices including a photochromic day and night contrast to ensure maximum support.

Serengeti Aerial – This model is Serengeti’s take on the famous Aviators. It comes with a double bridge, thin, full-frame design reminiscent of the first ever Aviators of the 1930s. The lenses come with an advance technology photochromic tint which can help drivers see clearly no matter what the weather condition is.

Rudy Project Synform – The Synform took more than 3 years to complete, it is a project that eyewear specialists and professional athletes worked together to complete. This eyewear comes with an ergonomic design and a photochromic lens which is a good choice for drivers.

Graduated Lenses

Many eyewear feature graduated lenses which are darker on the top that filter out bright sunlight. It is also lighter on the bottom to allow you to see panels better. While this feature is helpful,  they can’t reducing glare from road or water surfaces.

driving eyewear 5Prescription Driving Lenses

Another major consideration for drivers when looking for a driving eyewear are prescription needs. Many drivers find it hard to drive without their prescription eyeglasses. Those who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism need special eyewear in order to drive.

For nearsighted people things in the distance look blurry. Farsighted people, on the other hand, will have a hard time seeing near objects.

The problem is not all eyewear comes with a prescription lens.

A Clear Solution

Heavyglare Eyewear offers a special optical solution for those who need prescription lenses fitted to their choice of eyewear. There are millions of optical shops in the USA. However, very few can actually tailor fit your lenses according to your needs. Driving eyewear with special prescription lenses are extremely hard to find. Heavyglare changes this by providing a unique solution.

This will allow you to drive in comfort and reduce the need to constantly adjust your eyewear to see better. For a minimal fee, Heavyglare will change your lenses to your prescription needs. You only need to fill out a special form and send your frame of choice. In a matter of days, you can get your tailor fit and unique driving eyewear. Heavyglare specializes in adding prescription to wrap-around frames, whether for sports or driving eyewear.

Choosing The Best Driving Eyewear

When it comes to driving eyewear, safety should always be a priority. Choose frames that are functional, lightweight, and provides the ultimate comfort for you. You do not want a frame that will keep pre-occupied while driving, so it should naturally suit your visual needs. When it comes to the lenses, make sure you are getting something functional.

Avoid colors-altering lenses. They can change your perception of road signs. Choose lenses that reduce glare and bright lights. These hazards can cause danger while driving.  Buy eyewear that provides full protection, including periphery.