Emily Harrington Smith Climber

Get To Know Smith Climbing Team Rider Emily Harrington

A great way to get to know team riders in the and around the industry is by interviews. Check out Smith Optics’ interview with 29-year-old professional mountain climber, Emily Harrington!

Name: Emily Harrington 

Place of Birth: Boulder, CO

Current home town: Squaw Valley, CA

What year did you get sponsored by Smith?: 2014

Other sponsors: The North Face, Petzl, La Sportiva

Why do you like Smith Optics?:

High quality and versatile products, rad athlete team, and a genuinely passionate brand message that I’m proud to represent

Favorite Smith product and why do you like that model the best?:

Audibles with chromapop lenses – they’re super light, comfortable and styly and the lenses are amazing. I have trouble wearing anything but chromapop now because they make the world seem a bit more alive 🙂

What sets you apart from your peers?:

I don’t mind suffering a little bit, but I love doing it with a smile.  And I bake the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever had. I promise.

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What is the highest rated route you have completed, and why was it so difficult?:

Waka Flocka, 5.14b in Rifle, CO – I tried it over 60 times on over 40 days before I was finally able to do it. It wasn’t my style at all but I stuck with it.  I went through several periods of doubt and lost confidence throughout the process, but finally succeeding was one of the best feelings in my life.

First memory of going big:

Winning my first international competition in France. I had the perfect competition, exceeded all expectations and just crushed it. I clipped the anchors at the top of the final route and then climbed on top of the wall to face the crowd and celebrate. I remember being really conscious of the moment and thinking how special it was to be standing up there in that position.

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Tell us something about yourself we don’t know:

I love tequila, dancing, and baking cookies. I’m also prone to crying when I get scared. It’s embarrassing.

The other sports I am really good at are…

Skiing. I love it so much and really wish I was as good at it as I am at climbing. Maybe some day. I’m also a really good dancer, but no one believes me.

Misc, shout outs, thanks, rants….

Thanks to my parents for supporting me every step of the way, and my amazing boyfriend for being the best adventure partner anyone could ask for 🙂

Five years from now I will be…

Hopefully smarter and stronger and better at life. I’ll be climbing big walls and skiing big mountains all over the world.