Spark up the grill .. introducing the Von Zipper Beefy Snow Goggle

These goggles are so juicy no need to pass the A-1. A bone in cut from theVon Zipper meat locker, the Beefy goggle will covert even the most die-hard vegetarian into a carnivore. This porterhouse will create a savory filet of goggle au jous that is slow cooked to perfection. Get them while they are hot and juicy! 😉

The replacement for the Fubar Goggle, the Beefy is sure to please with updated color schemes and a special limited edition Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) model.

100% UV Protection

  • Anti-fog coated cylindrical lens
  • Dual adjustable strap
  • Dual cylindrical polycarbonate lens
  • Extended peripheral vision
  • Helmet compatible