Whether its training day or race day … stay protected :)

Many residents here in the Minneapolis/ St.Paul area are gearing up for the Minneapolis Triathlon this weekend.  Whether you are doing the Sprint or International course, be prepared for a great workout.

Sprint– .25 swim, 15 mile bike, 3 mile run

International – 1.5k swim, 27 mile bike, 6 mile run

With all the training that has taken place in preparation for this event, it is important to always keep your eyes protected. Dodging dirt and rock kick ups on the bike course, or enduring the sun beating down on you while you run. A high quality frame and polarized lens will definitely keep you well protected through training and especially on race day.


Rudy Project Sunglasses makes many high quality frames as well as the cutting edge Polar 3FX technology


Patented 3FX Polarized Mirror Technology

• Highly Scratch Resistant
• Easy To Clean & Maintain
• Fashionable Look

Cutting Edge Polarized 3FX Material
• Maximizes Optical Clarity, Visual Acuity & Glare Reduction
• Lightweight & Ultra Strong
• 100% UV Protection

Advanced Anti-Reflective 3FX Backside Coating
• Unique Multi-Layer AR Coating Eliminates Annoying Backside Glare
• Reduces Eye Strain & Fatigue in Bright Light Conditions