ONLY 2 left!! Get them while you can

Happy Monday everyone! Not only is it a holiday week, we also have some great news…..

Have you been one of the thousands of people looking for the Iron Man 2 Von Zipper Fulton sunglasses in Red/Black checkers? We have only 2 pair left and that is it! These are highly collectible and sought after…be the envy of all your friends.

These feature a 6 base frame which can work for most prescriptions.


3 Responses to "ONLY 2 left!! Get them while you can"

  1. Grant
    Grant 1 year ago .

    Unfortunately we do not have the color. They were a huge seller. We still carry the Fulton.

  2. Grant
    Grant 1 year ago .

    Hi Robert, we do not have any left, sorry! We do however have a pair of Fulton in Demi-Tortoise.

  3. robert
    robert 1 year ago .

    do you still have them ?