Sometimes its not just about looking cool…

As Saturday May 12th approaches, I am still on the ‘fence’ on whether or not I should lace up my sneakers and go for the New Prague half marathon. (New Prague is about 45 minutes southwest of the twin cities). Being a relatively avid runner I never turn down the chance to get some great ‘swag’ ( goodies).  One thing you cannot depend on here in Minnesota is the weather (that is why I’m still on the ‘fence’). We can be sunny and 85 one day and below zero the next.

So, I am often asked by my running friends.. “What kind of glasses do you wear?”

Here are some things to consider when picking out the best pair of  running glasses:

Make sure the frame is fitting your head appropriately. I find that rubber temple tips / ear socks are great to keep the glasses on your face throughout the constant movement. I personally run in Smith Pivlock V2 in white. What I like best about that frame is that its the only sport frame that has an adjustable nose bridge. Having a smaller nose, I can just click the nose bridge to appropriate size to prevent slippage. The Smith Pivlock V2 is also interchangeable. It comes with 3 lenses that can easily be changed depending on your location.. Clear, Platinum (grey with mirror front), and Ignitor (Redish Brown with mirror front). I find that in the ever changing weather conditions here the ignitor lens is the most ideal. Its perfect for those early morning/early evening runs.

The Platinum lens: Allows only 15% Visible light Transmission ( % of light that reaches the eye)

The Ignitor lens: Allows only 32% Visible Light Transmission ( % of light that reaches the eye)

So, if you are like me and not the speediest runner out there.. you can still look cool and be the envy of your running buddies.